Burgess vs. Storey County

116 Nev. 121, 992 P.2d 856 (2000)

Where else but Nevada! You can associate with anyone, or any group you wish without fear of losing your business license or privileges, so long as you are not engaged in illegal conduct.

Burgess was the owner of a legal brothel, the Old Bridge Ranch, located in Storey County, Nevada, which was licensed by Storey County. Burgess wanted to become a Hells Angel and had applied to establish a Hells Angels chapter in Northern Nevada. The Storey County Licensing Commission revoked Burgess’ license to operate a lawful brothel because he was associated with, and wanted to become, a Hells Angel. The Supreme Court reversed the license revocation and held that (1) failure to provide Burgess notice that his alleged association with motorcycle gang was the basis upon which the board sought to revoke his license violated Burgess’ constitutional due process rights, and (2) revocation of Burgess’ license based solely upon his alleged association with a motorcycle gang violated Burgess’ First Amendment right of free association.